In each country or community, a local partner is responsible for the execution of Code.X program.

We typically partner with companies in the Information and Technology sectors with a sizable CSR program - partners are responsible for program marketing and execution.

Code.X is designed for sustainability and promotes local ownership and meaningful, long-term capacity buildinG


Community Impact

By successfully executing Code.X’s approach, a partner will be able to provide world-class technical education to promising students.

Additionally, Code.X create links to Silicon Valley via exposure to Stanford students to students at an impressionable age.

This ultimately will usher in a culture of innovation and act as a showcase model

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Significant Positive PR

By working with world-class institutions - Stanford University and - Code.X partners will emerge as leaders in their local technology ecosystems.

Code.X is differentiated from existing offerings through its intense focus on quality in every vein of the program, leading to students becoming ardent advocates for the program in their schools and communities.

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Talent Pipeline

The promotion of skills in CS and Design Thinking will lead to a more capable workforce that can be gainfully employed and is capable of innovating.

Longer term, program graduates can launch startups and become agents of job creation.

Partners will have access to a pipeline of top-tier local talent through Code.X.

Interested in becoming a Code.x partner?

Partner Requirements

  • Share Code.X’s vision and desire to impact the technology ecosystem
  • Proper infrastructure and staff for execution
  • A dedicated local professional with a background in CS and relevant teaching experience to liaise with Code.X volunteers

Partner Responsibilities

  • Provide core funding of the program in their locality (e.g., equipment, volunteer flights, food, lodging)
  • Market to, recruit and select students with Code.X’s guidance
  • Manage the execution of the program, including operations and reporting impact