Code.X volunteer instructors bring out the potential of eager High School students in an immersive two week summer camp through the skills and integration of Computer Science with Design Thinking.


Rory, Code.X Volunteer

Rory graduated from Stanford in 2014 with a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science was a Code.X instructor in both the West Bank ('15, '16) and Gaza ('17). Rory is currently a software engineer at Uber.

Despite the fact that some of them had only ever been able to call home an overcrowded refugee camp, they showed a keen determination to learn as much as they could about computer programming, realizing that it may hold the key to greater economic opportunity.

Spending time with the kids and hearing their stories was certainly my favorite part of the camp. It is for this reason that I went back twice more after the inaugural trip. I have kept in contact with many of the students over the years, and it is incredibly rewarding to see them grow and continue to nurture an interest in Computer Science.

Why volunteer with Code.X?



Make a profound impact on the lives of a diverse set of students within your destination country, who are thrilled to learn from you and about you.


Cultural Exposure

Immerse yourself into a different culture by teaching, living, and interacting with local students and staff; as well as cultural trips throughout the program.



Receive an all-expenses paid trip to your destination country for the program, along with like-minded fellow instructors.




1. Have expertise in Computer Science (ideally Python, web development or Android) or Design Thinking; ideally have experience teaching one of these subjects

2. Enjoy working with high schoolers; ideally, also have experience working with high schoolers

3. Excited to learn about and engage with a new culture

4. Be eligible for a visa to enter their destination country

We currently accept volunteers who are undergraduate or graduate students, or young alumni of Stanford University (if you attend another university, please contact us - we plan to expand the volunteer pool in the future).

At camp, instructors are responsible for all classroom instruction. Although program staff are responsible for the students outside of the classroom, we find that the program is most rewarding for instructors when they're excited to spend time with students outside of class.

Apply Now

The application process is competitive and includes an initial screen, interviews, and placement.

You can find additional volunteer-specific FAQ here.

Round 1 and 2 applications are now closed.

Applications are currently on a rolling basis through June.


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